Testimonials from our happy members 🙂

Satinder Panesar

What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a program?

In the past I was a regular runner and active in my day to day life. However, I had lost my way and it was when I turned 50 I realised my issue wasn’t about losing weight it was more about being healthy. Historically I had experienced a netball injury, this was the initial reason I stopped training and then lost my confidence going to the gym. I was attracted to the advert Fitness for over 50’s – it definitely made me want to explore more. I liked what I read and a lot of the testimonials were sitting with me and where I was in my life I really do believe that training is different for over 50’s to when you are in your 20’s.

What results have you achieved since starting your program?

Although I haven’t lost any weight as yet – I feel my energy levels have increased and I feel healthier. This was my original goal and I feel as if I have met that. My mindset has totally changed now to exercise and my confidence has grown. I am now very aware of what I’m eating and my next goal is to lose weight. I’m also very surprised at how I have progressed and Paul and Neil constantly remind me of that.
At the age of 51 I feel amazing.

What do you like best about our program/having a trainer?

Both Paul and Neil are very knowledgeable and are open to sharing their knowledge and experience. There has been no questions that I’ve asked that they’ve not been able to answer (I like asking questions) they are both approachable and flexible to my needs and there is no such thing as a silly question. I love the fact I have been introduced to a variety of exercises that I have never tried before.

What would you say to someone on the fence about joining our program?

Absolutely do not sit on the fence – you don’t know what you are missing – if you have any concerns or are worried about anything – just share your concern. The two of them will be very happy to answer them for you. Whatever stage you are in your training you will be supported.

Paul – I just need you to start a group in the West End now! Preferable at 6.30am!

Amanda Barrie

“Get Results”? How does “Get Your-Driving-License-Back” sound??? Because, thanks to these guys – Neil and especially Jim and Paul, I’ve got my independence back and I can’t thank them enough for it.

I’m a disabled client and I started training in March to strengthen up and maintain function of specific muscles that were weakening due to medical my condition, MS. Being disabled, I can still train (within my physical abilities) but just a much, MUCH lower rate.

My training is exactly what I need and has given me so much more than an improved overall fitness. The guys have managed to down-shift gears to work with my ability and have treated me with nothing but respect and courtesy while being continually encouraging. Even on the bad days where I drag myself in and can only manage a few bicep curls. I always walk out feeling better than when I walked in.

Thank you to you all.

Christina Macpherson

I’ve had about eight sessions now and im enjoying feeling my movement and overall stamina has improved. I was 71 this year, i have arthritis and fibromyalgia and therefore thought my gym days were well over. Not the case, the excersises im given is targeting my week points and where i need to strengthen my muscles and overall fitness.
Im loving the one to one training, im encouraged to try harder and im doing better each week. I recommend this to anyone who thinks the gym is not for them anymore.

Sonia DeRosa

I decided I needed help to get fit and strong after I came back from holiday last year and worked with Neil at Boiler room fitness and knew he did Personal training with Get Results Fitness.
Since I started the Get results Program I have achieved a tighter , stronger and toned body I love seeing the shape change, Neil Campbell is an inspiration I love being directed and told what to do and Neil is fantastic at that, I love his way, his knowledge on all aspects of fitness and his passion, I have recommended Get Results to many friends and clients who have reacted at how well and fit I look, I can’t live without my FIX every week.
I would say to anyone sitting on the fence go for it what have you to lose, absolutely nothing and boy you have loads to gain, can’t Get Results Fitness enough and Neil is a true athlete and so professional. Thank you 🙏 Sonia DeRosa xx

Leah Bissett

I felt that I was a little out of shape and wanted to improve my fitness as well as lose some weight. In the first weeks I lost a few inches from my waist. As time has gone on I have found that my upper body strength has improved and my arms are becoming more toned. I have had the luxury of three very friendly, knowledgeable and professional trainers who have worked well with me to design a program that suits my needs.

I would strongly advise to sign up with the programme highlighting my satisfaction.

AnneMarie McGinley

I’m female, 51 and have never been confident in the gym before now and although I have dieted and lost loads of weight before I never toned up .and gradually the weight crept back on But I wanted to do more than just lose weight. I also wanted to be fit and healthy now and as I get older so that I can really enjoy my leisure time and in due course my retirement. I felt that a personal trainer could motivate me and show me what was right for me to do and achieve best results for me. It felt scary but I wanted to do it.

I feel fitter stronger and more energetic. I feel personally more confident with my own body shape. I now enjoy exercising and would not miss my training sessions. My body shape is changing. I have been doing 2 one hour personal training sessions a week for 3 months and I have now dropped a dress size and am in size 10 jeans for the first time in 6 maybe 7 years. I have lost weight over Christmas by keeping training and making just some healthy choices and drinking loads more water. On returning to work after the new year many colleagues have noticed a real difference in my appearance . I am feeling good and its all down to the personal training. I still have a long way to go but have never felt as motivated as I do now.

It’s personal and tailored completely to me. I have osteoporosis and have 2 injured wrists and the exercise plan is geared totally to me. I like the structure and the weekly progression. I can see that I am achieving more and more each week. I feel pushed but motivated. I have never enjoyed exercising in a gym ever before and I can see and feel that it’s making a big difference to me and so can others! I can’t believe how much I am enjoying it.

Martin Gordon

Before starting with Get Results fitness. I wanted to start exercising more but I’d previously been hampered with injuries every time I ramped up my activity. My main focus for PT was to condition myself to avoid injuries as much as possible.

Since starting I’ve been able to play tennis to up to 7 times a week, fairly hard, without incurring any of my old injuries. That’s quite a feat. I’ve also become more athletic on the court according to my coach, so the training has really helped my movement.

My trainer does the thinking for me so I don’t have to. He is extremely well researched and has a passion for what he does, so he takes on board my weaknesses, goals and sets programmes for me. So when I do go to the gym with or without him, I only need to focus on the tasks in hand. This encourages me to go to the gym; it helps improve my sessions and gives me confidence I’m not wasting my time.

I chose not to do PT for years due to the expense. It is expensive but since I finally took the plunge I DO NOT regret it. The results are great and I would not have achieved them alone. It feels more like an investment in my wellbeing that will hopefully allow me to be active and enjoy my sports for decades to come. Also, I can’t recommend Get Results highly enough. If you can find someone with a genuine passion for what they do, you’re going to get a great service. Paul is always listening to podcasts on fitness interests, going to conferences, doing courses etc – and this is a great benefit for his clients.

So if you’re going to give it a try – do it with Get Results!


Victoria Oxland

I’d always been relatively active, previous gym memberships and a tennis player etc. but my main motivation was getting toned and fit for my wedding day. I’m also very lazy when it comes to the motivation to go to the gym myself, I prefer having someone push me to do an exercise because otherwise I would end up focusing on cardio, or not using the multitude of exercises/weights available to me.

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I also felt that I really needed a push to get into the habit of going to the gym and making it part of my routine.  Getting myself to a place where I was going regularly and seeing a benefit has always been a motivation and wish of mine.
I play tennis regularly and I’m part of a tennis team but in the past have suffered from injuries or struggled to get through matches without getting tired muscles.

I have become much stronger than I have ever been before, I’m able to do both kinds of pull ups (being able to do one unassisted was a dream!), I have a strong core and muscles on my body I never knew existed! I am also just in a routine now, where I know my exercise days and my rest days.

Since starting my programme, I have consistently moved on with my strength and my recovery is extremely fast. I can do a full week of individual PT, classes, along with a couple of hours of intense cardio through tennis, which can make my body feel sore but I also recover within a day. I’m rarely injured in tennis and any niggles quickly go away. I can last through three hours of tennis matches, with no tiredness, ready to play the next match.

I have lost inches around my waist which has always been a stubborn area and I feel so much better within myself. I am a smaller size, which has given me confidence in what I wear but I also feel toned and strong. Strong not skinny people!

I have reviewed the way I eat, thinking sensibly about what gives me energy, what I need to recover. I drink litres of water every day (instead of sugary juice) and now I can tell what my body needs and why I might not feel at my best at any given time. I am very aware of my body, but in a good way, which is a whole new experience for me!

My mental health has probably been one of the biggest changes / positive results for me, as I have a very stressful, difficult job and without the benefit of my programme to remove me from that part of life, I would struggle. I’m also often pretty hyper when I come out of a PT session or a gym class!

I absolutely love having someone do all the thinking work for me! I struggle with that part, so having someone there to take me through a programme which changes often enough that I don’t get bored, but also focuses on whatever my goals might be, is amazing!

I also enjoy the individual aspect of training, being pushed to a limit but with support, by someone who takes the time to know my goals, what I am capable of, what I’m struggling with or just to chat to distract me from what it is I’m being asked to do is vital to me.

I really enjoy the knowledge and the effort that goes in to my programme. If I ever feel an injury coming on, if I’m finding something hard to master or I have a new goal, this is listened to and my programme is changed to incorporate it or avoid placing strain on my body.

The classes are also fantastic, because they still feel very personal, with trainers who know me and give advice throughout, make corrections and tailor classes which does not happen in a large, corporate gym setting. The classes change every week, focusing on a different part of the body e.g. upper body/core or focus on strength one day, then cardio. I never get the opportunity to feel bored, or that it is getting easier!

You won’t find a more personalised, friendly, enjoyable and supportive exercise experience anywhere else. It is a bespoke service, where you will achieve goals you didn’t think you could, with as much advice as you need to make sure you stay fit and healthy.

If you struggle with the confidence to go to a big gym class, there is nothing to worry about; people who come to the classes are all shapes and sizes, with their own goals and it is a happy, friendly community with lots of regulars.

Get Results does what its name suggests! I have been a member of two large corporate gyms doing PT and classes, a Crossfit gym, I’ve even worked in one and was never as motivated, satisfied and happy as I am being part of the Get Results community.


Maria Cunningham

I felt that I was a little out of shape and wanted to improve my fitness as well as lose some weight. In the first weeks I lost a few inches from my waist. As time has gone on I have found that my upper body strength has improved and my arms are becoming more toned. I have had the luxury of three very friendly, knowledgeable and professional trainers who have worked well with me to design a programme that suits my needs and I would strongly advise to sign up with the programme highlighting my satisfaction.


Ray Gribben

I decided that I needed to start working with Get Results Fitness as I was not happy with my body shape/appearance nor level of fitness. I had “let myself go” a bit. Since starting the program I am now thinner; fitter; more active; toned; increased confidence in myself and personal appearance. More focused on good nutrition and sensible eating too.I feel very much more relaxed and motivated with the program and in having a trainer than I have previously as a member of a gym. I am more confident that I am getting the right direction on my exercise program and that my body is being worked in the right way and effectively. To someone still on the fence about joining Get Results Fitness I would say do it ! I am delighted with the results and you’d be surprised at how quickly you can achieve them.


Lisa Mitchell

Before starting with Get Results I was fed up following ‘ faddy’ diets and wanted to learn how to eat properly and get advice on exercise that would be best for me. In the time I have been working with them have dropped two dress sizes and I feel a lot healthier than I have for a very long time. I have really enjoyed learning all about the health and nutrition aspect of the program. I loved going to my sessions every week and I felt that the trainers were very encouraging and had your best interests at heart. I have tried all the ‘fad’ diets under the sun and after joining this program I have totally changed my mindset about what I should eat and how I can live a healthier life. Although I haven’ t reached my target yet I am still very much motivated to continue on my road to success. I can not recommend the program highly enough, full of great advice and trainers who are dedicated to helping you reach your goals.


John Harvey

At 76 years old I found myself becoming stiff and inflexible after a hip operation. I was starting to find it a bit more difficult to play my golf and tennis. I was referred to Get Results by a friend who had seen great improvements in how they move after joining the program. After 3 months of the program I am definitely more flexible and hope this will allow me to continue to play my sports for many years to come.


Joanna Waugh

I decided to start the programme after being away on holiday and feeling a bit lazy, unhealthy and carrying excess holiday weight. I felt the need to get back into shape to improve my fitness and get some nutrition advice. I wanted to feel confident going out and feel better about myself and my personal appearance. I have lost inches all over my body and feel much more confident when going out at the weekend. My fitness levels have improved and I am feeling much more energized throughout the day. I am now more knowledgeable on healthy eating and know what foods I should be eating on a daily basis. I like the different food options the manual provides and now feel confident going to the gym on my own. I now know how to use certain equipment and can take what I have practiced during my personal training session to the gym.I would definitely recommend the programme as I feel more healthier than I ever have and my fitness levels have improved as a result. I am more confident when going out with friends and family, and always striving to better myself. The trainers provide you with motivation to keep going and not to give up, the sessions are also varied and suited to your personal aims and goals.


Jennifer Smith

I’d always enjoyed going to the gym, but found that I was not getting the results I desired. I was also keen to get into running, and to train as effectively as possible. I wanted a program that would be sustainable, without restrictive dietary advice that I know I would not be able to adhere to in the long term. I wanted exercises that would be effective but not massively time-consuming, as I work as a doctor and my hours are long and unpredictable. Since starting the programme I have noticed a significant change in my body shape. I was lucky that I didn’t have a significant amount of weight to lose, my focus was very much on increasing my fitness and strength. I have had 6 sessions and worked at the exercises independently the rest of the time. Friends and family have all commented on my figure, and all the reports have been positive. Regarding my fitness, I can comfortably run the distance I set out to achieve. The best thing about having a trainer is having a point of contact to call on for advice, and for exercises that are tailored exactly to my needs. If you have ever considered a personal trainer, I could not recommend Get Results Fitness highly enough – you won’t regret it.


Gerri Campbell

I started the programme because I have sciatica and the physio I was attending recommended that it was time to start a fitness regime and also recommended Paul My shape has completely changed. Having followed the eating plan as well as personal training has helped see quicker results The program is easy to follow and makes perfect sense. Paul is very knowledgeable and very easy to be around. He pushes you when you need it and changes the workout frequently so that you don’t get bored This programme is the one I have stuck to. I have tried lots of diets/fads/training ideas and this is my favourite by far. This will be an investment that will pay dividends again and again.


Gemma Sinclair

Since having my first baby in August 2013 I had developed severe back pain, bad eating habits and needed direction on how to approach exercise after having a caesarean. Having Paul’s expertise was essential to getting me back on track to lose weight and improve my fitness levels, and also to help me gain back my confidence. Paul immediately identified my source of back pain and structured my initial training sessions around restoring core strength and flexibility – within a matter of weeks I saw a drastic improvement in my pain levels and was also well on the way to losing the excess weight I had gained. The advice from Paul in terms of nutrition was also invaluable. As a busy new mum it was essential for me to be reminded on the importance of food preparation and being organised so that I couldn’t be tempted to make bad food choices. The results I have had so far are more than I could have hoped for. I have lost 12 inches overall, have no back pain and am well on the way to restoring my old fitness levels thanks to our amazing workout sessions. I can’t recommend Get Results Fitness enough for any new mum who feels that they are struggling to get back in shape and need expert advice on exactly how to get there. I’m proof that exercise and healthy eating can be done…..even with a baby!


Carol Miller

I have been training with Get Results for over 2 months and WOW – what a difference. I was stuck in a rut – working out 3 times a week at the gym and seeing no results. With Paul’s help and advice I have changed how/what and when I eat and completely changed my work out regime. I would definitely recommend the Get Results program to anyone – whether you are a novice or regular gym goer as their pointers have helped me enormously.


Burness Paul

Paul Murphy from Get Results Fitness came to speak to our team at a work event and was brilliant. In a high energy workshop Paul was excellent at explaining the importance of fitness, exercise and diet to our health and why so often we fail. He understood the pressures of modern life and that busy professionals are often time poor and gave us useful advice on how to get the most from the time we have. His session delivered a real punch and a number of our delegates have signed up to his programme since. Thanks Paul!


Alan P Fulton

For many years now my wife and I have taken a keen interest in keeping fit and healthy eating. At our age now and with busy lives running our own business, we were aware that it is getting increasingly more difficult to keep our weight and fitness at, what for us are acceptable levels. Having seen a number of so called Personal Trainers in operation who’s knowledge is to say the least questionable, it was refreshing to find a company who has not only the knowledge of training the individual for their specific needs, but has a great knowledge of how the body works and can give good nutritional advice. An added bonus is their ability to carry out some work to help with posture problems and muscle strains. Having finished our first course of sessions we are back from holiday ready, and looking forward to have you work with us again over the upcoming months. Thank you for what you have done for us so far and we will have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone requiring your services.


Donna Longwill

Before starting with Get Results Fitness I was unhappy with myself,  had no motivation to do any exercise and the thought off walking into a gym terrified me.

I was afraid that I would look like I didn’t know what I was doing and feel out of place in front of healthier members.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time and my personal sessions with Paul at Get Results we took baby steps to get me over my worries and concerns about exercising and now I go to the gym on my own along as still attending my personal sessions to keep me moving in the right direction.

The most significant difference since joining Get Results is losing inches but also I feel a lot more alive happier and not so tired all the time it is hard and you only get out what you put in but I feel so much better about myself now and also that friends and family are noticing the change in my shape and this spurs me on.


Craig Maciness

I started working with Get Results because I was getting a pain in my right knee after running. After speaking with Paul he thought it may be down to the lack of movement in my hip rather than my knee. At my initial session Paul  also noticed a few other postural issues with me. He devised a program for me and within a few weeks of seeing Paul my neck and knee pain were gone.

I have now been equipped with the exercises and stretches to maintain a good posture and relieve pain. Paul has also provided me with nutritional advice to help me fuel my body properly.


Craig Gibson

Before working with Get Results I was using the gym regularly, but not really seeing great results.  I was getting a bit bored with doing the same routine due to a lack of knowledge.  I also wasn’t aware of what and when I should be eating to complement my training, and the emphasis a good diet has over a good training program.

I’d say the only reservation I had was whether I could commit to the nutritional side of it.

I’ve really enjoyed the sessions and advice, despite it being challenging.  I aim to continue working with GR to continue improving.

The main thing I’ve achieved since joining the program is learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which I see as a lifelong benefit.



Paul Murphy at Get Results Fitness has been working with Dell and the staff on site at City Park for around 18 months and the results have been continually positive.  I have personally worked in Dell since it opened in City Park and in those 8 years, it is the only time I have seen people committed to the gym on site and moreover the personal training sessions available.

Paul’s approach is very open and honest and he is willing to listen to all his clients to really understand their needs.  There has been a marked transformation on site with the number of people who have clearly taken on board his nutritional advice and I often see the people eating the same things for breakfast and many people with nuts etc on their desks for snacking.

Not only has Paul made the exercise an enjoyable activity, he has also committed to working with Dell as an organisation in general and has held regular workshops and drop in sessions in the breakout areas.  Paul was particularly helpful when Dell committed a large amount of runners to do the 10K and half marathon for CHAS.  He came and presented to all the runners session on how to prepare and offered continued support through training hints and tips making it a very successful event for Dell overall.

Paul has made his services available through a variety of options from lunchtime group sessions to personal 1-1’s or buddy sessions which has meant there has been an option for every budget, something which I feel is very important.  We have a sports and social budget which the staff pay into on a monthly basis and it then gives them access to discounted services.  Pauls services have been one of the longest standing services which we have offered discount on.  This is a result of the continued high uptake and buy in from the staff.

Thanks to Paul, Dell Glasgow is now a healthier, happier workforce :-) Of course with the odd blowout at the weekend but at the back of everyones mind, its always “what would Paul say!”.


Julia Lavelle

Before working with Katie at  Whitecraigs Tennis Club, I found it very hard to motivate myself to go to the gym, and when I did I wasn’t sure of all the equipment so I would stick to the bike and the treadmill with limited results.

The Get Results program came highly recommended, so I didn’t have any reservations. I’m really enjoying he program and seeing the results. The motivation and support that comes from Katie keeps me going. I feel healthier, stronger and more confident.

The most significant result has been the motivation to keep going and do more by myself.


Jackie Wright

East Park is a Residential School providing residential accommodation, school and a short breaks service for children and young people with additional support needs. These additional needs include learning difficulties, physical disabilities, behaviour support and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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As a service, we actively encourage healthy living and lifestyles for all of the children and support them in making healthy choices. However as an organisation we decided to purchase gym equipment for staff use as we acknowledged the benefits of a healthy workforce in meeting the challenges of the job. From this we consulted with Paul regarding the Get Results Fitness Programme with a view to East Park staff accessing the programme on a rolling basis.

An initial group of 14 staff (myself included) began their 4 week programme in May of this year and met with Paul on the 1st session to discuss the benefits of the programme, diet, eating plans and had an opportunity to ask questions regarding our individual concerns, hopes and desires. Paul was extremely positive and encouraged us from the outset. From this 1st session we decided to meet twice weekly for 1 hour to participate in cardio and resistance exercises. Paul was extremely flexible and accommodated the needs of our service. The group consisted of 14 females of mixed ages, fitness and abilities.

The groups were extremely interactive and we laughed for most of the time but all took the programme extremely seriously as were all “failed dieters or gym bunnies” at one time or another. From initially being nervous about having our vital statistics measured we were all thrilled to be measured at the end of the programme as many lost inches, lost weight and were wearing smaller sizes.

Following the 4 week programme Paul assisted us to continue with our twice weekly sessions by providing photos of the exercises and being available via email to answer any queries. We continue to support each other by exchanging recipes and sharing newly discovered food options. A 2nd group (mostly male staff) is scheduled for August, again planned around the needs of the service.

Following the success of the 1st group we decided to purchase additional gym equipment (weights, medicine balls, power bags etc) in order for staff to continue with their individual programmes.

We have also organised a children’s Summer Fitness Club with Paul and had our 1st session last week. The children and staff all fully participated and had such a good time. Fitness can be fun!!!! As a staff group we would certainly support the Get Results Programme as we feel fitter and healthier as well as better equipped to deal with the everyday challenges of life.


Bernard Dickson

I was a keen runner when I started seeing Paul. I was running good times in marathons but wanted to use the gym for more than the treadmill. I did not expect therefore, for Paul’s sessions to have such a profound effect on my quality of life. Within two months Paul has transformed my posture – which was always poor, with hunched shoulders and curved back – to my standing and walking tall at all times now, without me even trying. Paul has achieved this through an interesting, varied and fun core fitness program.

I was already lean when I started seeing Paul, but my stomach, arm and legs muscles have developed greatly – leading to me being happier with my body than ever before. I had never felt fitter, stronger and more energised. I looked straighter, more muscled and less tired than before. I would advise anyone who considers themselves fit and active to try Get Results -I credit Paul with making me feel even more alert, with the best sense of wellbeing in my life.

I have benefited mentally as I feel I am learning new things with every session and achieving things I would have previously not thought possible for myself. I can’t wait to see what my body looks like in 6 months, as the impact is already tremendous. I am stunned at the positive impact of Get Results and could not recommend Paul more highly.


Katie Browne

The Get Results Program challenged my preconceived ideas about metabolic training/weight training. It has hugely influenced my fitness regime and I am now seeing progress week on week. I was in a rut doing lots of cardiovascular training and making little progress with my fitness level or shape. My posture is so much better and my back is no longer sore. My core is stronger and I’m generally much more toned, without having developed too much muscle! My diet is more balanced and I experience much less of the carb/sugar highs and lows. I have kept working through the Get Results Program for 16 weeks now and am still seeing improvement. It’s now become more of a lifestyle than just a training program.


Steve Marshall

Getting instruction, direction and motivation from Paul in an exercise and nutrition programme has had a really positive effect in such a short space of time. I am now eating far healthier and undertaking regular exercises within a small group environment, which can be coordinated around my working life. For the first time ever I now look forward to going to the gym.


Euan Oattes

I have lost over a stone in weight, several inches from my waist and I’ve never felt this fit and healthy for many years. I have been working with Paul for five months and I have found his tailored approach in combination with his enthusiasm and focus to be an excellent combination.

Steve Jones

Personal Training sessions with Paul have had a positive effect on my life, I was overweight and reliant on my inhaler before I booked a block of one to one personal training sessions with Get Results Fitness. I now very rarely use my inhaler and have completed my first 10 km race.

When I met Paul I was at a low point in my life. I was overweight and lacked energy and self confidence. I also have to say that the gym was not for me. The reasons I needed to go, were the reason I stayed away. However, Paul was very understanding and took the time to discuss my goals and expectations. These were to get fitter,lose weight and complete a 10 km race. With the help and support Paul has given me I have managed to achieve all my goals.

The one to one personal training sessions were great as they were personally created by Paul to meet my needs and capabilities. A personal trainer will push you harder than you would ever push yourself: Paul is a fantastic motivator. Paul also varied the sessions so I never got bored and he also got me to use equipment I would never have used.

On the whole, I feel much healthier and I don’t rely on my inhaler. I also have to say that I no longer fear the gym or feel that I do not belong there.


Angela Wallace

I really believe that Paul has managed to instill a confidence in me I didn’t believe possible. The change in my body shape has literally made me feel like a new person. Shopping is no longer completely soul destroying! I have never met someone with such a passion for their job, he has inspired me to exercise regularly, which gives me a huge sense of achievement. He changes the program regularly which helps me to continually improve.

Paul has helped me see the fun side of exercise and as a result I’m working out 4-5 times per week. I never feel alone or lost in the gym as he is always at hand with a regime for the days I work alone, always their to give me a word of encouragement when my motivation is low.

Most of all I enjoy my sessions with someone who not only listens to me but helps me to act in a positive way to change my life. I would really recommend Personal Training to any of my friends or colleagues.


Pamela Fairbairn

For the past 12+ years I have always ‘been on a diet’: Diet classes, faddy diets, you name it, I’ve tried it!

After a holiday in the USA, when the friends I was on holiday with commented on how much I could eat at a buffet, I decided enough is enough. I spent the entire holiday eating as much I could possibly consume because when I returned home, I’d be on a strict diet. This is something I told myself on every holiday: The diet will start the day I step off the plane.

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It is obvious to me now that my perception of losing weight was very negative. I would be deprived of my favourite foods and would feel miserable. The reality was that I was miserable anyway. I would constantly look in the mirror and be thoroughly disgusted by the way I looked. I felt sluggish, slept for long periods, had poor skin and generally no motivation. In hindsight I wasn’t too far away from depression. Food was an obsession. I would constantly think about the things I couldn’t eat. As a result, I would crave the foodstuffs and then buy them anyway. I would then feel as if I had let myself down and through low mood, would comfort eat. Now that I had ruined my diet, I felt as if I should binge until the Sunday as I would start again on the Monday. And so the cycle began…

One night I bumped into Paul’s brother. He explained how well Paul was doing and that he was setting up business as a personal trainer. I honestly believe that this chance meeting changed my life. I contacted Paul and asked for his help. My impression was that I could never be fixed and that I would be a tough challenge.

From the very first day of working with Paul, my attitude changed. Paul was very positive and truly believed that I could be the person I longed to be.  After the first personal training session, I felt amazing! I continued to work with Paul on a weekly basis, with additional gym sessions in between. I have never been a huge fan of the gym, but I suddenly started to look forward to going.

After a few weeks, Paul mentioned the small group personal training. The idea of exercising  and meeting new people really appealed to me. I’m certainly not an exercise fanatic and definitely not an outdoors type of person, but my new positive attitude, coupled with the visible results I was seeing, led me to believe that small group training could only be a good thing.

From the moment I arrived, I knew I had made the right decision. There were 6 of us, all girls, all shapes and sizes and all had personal goals that we wanted to achieve. Immediately, Paul put us all at ease and asked the girls how they were feeling after the first session. Apart from sore muscles, everyone was very positive. This reassured me as I didn’t know what to expect.

Session after session, everyone was making improvements, attitudes were positive and it was very evident that we were all enjoying this type of exercise. Friendships were also forming by now. Everyone had their own personal challenges to overcome and as the sessions went on, people started to open up and talk about their fears and difficulties. This was incredibly reassuring – we had such an incredible support network from Paul and the other participants in the group. I was always encouraged to push on and reach my fitness goals.

As well as the sessions, new friendships and ongoing support from Paul, my general attitude to life is much more positive. I’m surrounded by inspirational people 3 times a week, with their approach to life and Paul’s response to difficulties I’ve faced has made a huge impact on everyday life. I have more energy, I’m much more positive and have a new found confidence that I didn’t know existed.

Small Group Personal Training has literally changed my life. The format of the sessions is excellent and every week I can see the results. In the 12+ years that I’ve been trying to lose weight, Small Group Personal Training has definitely been the best option for healthy weight loss and for improving my general fitness. I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to each session and would recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight, get fit and feel great!


Lynne Wylie

At the small group personal training sessions I lost- 2.5 inches from my waist 1 inch off my hips, thighs and bum, while also losing 12lbs.

Working with the personal trainers at Get Results has been a great experience. No more slogging away at the gym and getting nowhere!

If you really want to feel stronger, fitter and achieve a positive lifestyle change then working with Get Results you’ll get all the support you need to do just that!  By joining you’ll also meet like minded individuals and to top it all it’s a blast, hard work but a blast all the same!

Why not give it a try, what’s the worse that can happen?


David Wilson

When I started the training I would not have said I was unfit, but I wouldn’t say I was fit either. I used to play football 2 to 3 times a week, but an ankle injury stopped all that and I had to think of other activities to keep myself fit and try to strengthen my ankle. I then found out about the small group personal training service from Get Results Fitness. The price was fantastic, as having a personal trainer working with you is normally an expense I cant afford.

The first week is always the hardest and I have to say I did struggle, but the exercises that Paul had us doing was working every muscle group, even muscles I didn’t know I had. My goals for the block were not to lose weight as such but to improve my overall  fitness and I have achieved that in only one block. I cant believe how  much I have improved especially my flexibility. Being 6ft 3″ I have never been able to touch my toes, but I’m just a couple of  inches away now. I have lost inches on my stomach and there’s actually makings of a six pack showing.

Paul has been a godsend as I still play 5-aside football on a Sunday and with this  training I feel like I’m 20 again. My energy is unreal, I can twist and turn again and my stamina has come on leaps and bounds. If anyone is looking to increase their stamina, strength, flexibility, energy and feel good about yourself again I recommend this program to anyone. It has changed me for the better.


Lorraine McHutchison

After feeling tired all the time and noticing a decline in my overall general health I decided it was time to do something about it! So, I got in touch with Paul, as I had previously worked with him with excellent results. We arranged a meeting to discuss my goals and what options would suit me best. Finally we decided that I needed the extra motivation and support that a group  could provide. This would help kick start my health goals with the added bonus of weight loss and toning.

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Although I was initially terrified that everyone would be fitter than me, my fears were unfounded and I was able to throw myself wholeheartedly into the full experience. Paul helped the group keep in contact with each other on Facebook days we weren’t at sessions; this helped me enormously to stay on track and kept me coming back each week.

The range of exercise are always a challenge and are different each week, it has been an inspiration to watch everyone in the group improve over the four week period.

I’m finally on my way to achieving my goals and have dropped a dress size. I am positive I couldn’t have done it without Paul’s support, patience and his incredible ability to not only listen but to actually hear what I have to say. Also, I found the group dynamics both encouraging and entertaining. On particularly tough days or moments a smile or a joke from the group kept me coming back week after week. I have met people that will undoubtedly be my friends for a very long time.

I enjoyed the experience so much that I didn’t think twice about signing up for more.

Thank you Paul for helping me find my old self again!


Heather Horner

In Paul’s Small Group Sessions I lost – 1 stone 3.25lbs (17.25lbs) and the following inches off my body Neck = -0.5″, Chest = -2.5″, Waist = -4″, Hips = -4″, Bicep = -1″, Forearm = -1″, Thigh = -1.5″, Calf = -1″. Whats even greater than that is I feel great with more energy and  I feel stronger. I have also made some great friends through the group and the support you receive from one another is amazing. Paul himself is so passionate about what he does he really does care. Would I recommend Paul and his group? I have and do daily!


Meghan McPartlane

Before I started the group I had tried lots of different things to lose weight. I followed popular diet classes and joined gyms but they didn’t really work for me. I hated going shopping and never felt comfortable when I got dressed up for a night out. After just one block  I feel like a completely different person. I have lost 1 stone and 1 pound, 3.5 inches off my stomach and 1 inch from my hips. The real change however is the way I feel. I have more energy, more confidence and a more positive outlook in general. I look forward to each session. The group of people who go are all lovely and extremely supportive. They all made me feel very welcome and I have even started running with some of the girls I have met.
I would definitely recommend the Small Groups to anyone who is wanting to lose weight and become a healthier, happier person. I cannot thank Paul enough for introducing me to this and for all of his help and encouragement.  He genuinely wants to help you and doesn’t just treat you like just another number like many big gyms do. He’s a brilliant trainer and you will see big results before you know it. I can’t wait for the next block to get me one more step toward my end goal. I know with Paul’s help anything is possible.