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‘Fit After 50’ Online Personal Training

Accountability Programme

Do you need someone who is an expert in over 50’s fitness to oversee your fitness growth?

A coach who will ensure you are progressing the most effective way to see results, while working around any injuries or restrictions that you may have?

A coach programming your workouts will guarantee you progress effectively and help keep your workouts interesting every time you do them?

What’s Included?

  • Custom Program Design – Every single workout you need, with plenty of variety along the way.
  • Lifestyle Guidance – At Get Results Fitness we are very aware of the fact that there is more to your life than just working out. Therefore, we will take a bird’s eye view of your health and fitness and pay close attention to all aspect of your lifestyle, such as sleep, stress and diet and adjust your personal program appropriately.
  • Email Support – You will be able to contact your coach every single week to ask any questions you may have and get feedback on how things are going.
  • Guided Movement Session – Before we start working together we do a movement screening session along with you, finding out a little more about how you move and learn about any restrictions that may need to customise your program further. At the start of each block we may introduce a few new exercises that might require us watching you performing them. If so, we can jump on to an online session with you to make sure everything is moving ok.
  • Video Library – Full access to our video library to follow the program exercises and make sure you are confident as possible with what you are doing.

This program is for you if you have: 

  • Some level of exercise experience.
  • Some level of self-motivation to exercise.
  • A need for ongoing structured approach to your exercise routine.
  • A need to be safe in the knowledge that you have a program individualised for you that actually works!

Look At how Sharon, A 59 Year Old Lady From Glasgow With A Stomach Ulcer & Knee Problems Dropped 3 Dress Sizes, Feeling Her Best In 15 years! …and how you too can see results in as little as a few weeks with Scotland’s Personal Trainer Of The Year finalist!

Learn how our One to One online coaching along with some lifestyle advice transformed Sharon’s confidence, energy, and sleep, and she no longer needs her medication!

Sharon’s story in her own words:

“When I met Paul I was so fed up with myself and the way I looked was affecting my personality. I was heavier than I had ever been in my life, I was so uncomfortable in my clothes and hated looking in mirrors. I was also on medication for stomach ulcer due to an unhealthy lifestyle and have a knee condition which was under extra strain due to all the weight I was carrying. 

“I was on a vicious circle of eating to excess from every emotion. In previous years I tried various “diets” – Slimming World, Scottish Slimmer, Weight Watchers etc. where I eventually just put the weight back on and more!

“I was at the end of my tether, I had booked a holiday for November and didn’t want to go the size I was. 

“That’s when I met Paul – I didn’t realise that day he was going to change my life so drastically. Paul arranged for one of his team to go through One to One weight loss coaching with me and I started to make to my lifestyle healthier, more balanced and I’ve never looked back.

“In the session my coach explained the importance of good nutrition and exercise and I have managed to lose 3 dress sizes in 3 months and achieve my goal of being the size I wanted to be for my holiday! I also no longer need medication for my stomach as my lifestyle is so much healthier.

“I started working with my coach on a weekly basis doing One to One coaching. I never realised just how drastically exercise could change your shape. My coach made a plan targeting exactly what I needed. I was so unfit in the beginning and I hadn’t exercised in years but my coach made it enjoyable. 

“I feel so much healthier now and look so much better than I’ve done in 15 years. I’m not on medication anymore, I’m 3 sizes smaller than I was at the beginning of August. I’m in much better shape too, have much more energy, confidence, I sleep much better and just enjoy life so much more now too!

“Paul and the team have been absolutely brilliant and I owe him so much. They kept me motivated and on track and always seems to be genuinely interested in my progress. They made exercise enjoyable, which I never found before. My coach has also shown me the correct way of getting results fast and I also now love working out and look forward to my session every week too, where I know my coach will be there with a big smile, pleasant manner and plenty of motivation to help me reach my goals. 

“I know I couldn’t have dropped 3 sizes in such a short space of time without the Get Results Team’s help, they’ve changed my life for the better and I will continue to have regular coaching to ensure I improve my fitness to the best I can achieve!”

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