About Get Results & Our Team

At Get results Fitness we take a holistic approach to each and every one of our clients programs. We aim to educate and empower our clients with the steps required to ensure they achieve optimal health and fat loss and more importantly understand how to maintain these results for a lifetime. The Get results team is made up of a team of specialist Personal Trainers and health experts in Glasgow. We are 100% focused and committed to supporting you in your efforts achieve optimal health and fat loss. At Get Results we have designed a 5 step process that will cover everything you will ever need to know about health and fitness.

We love to work with anyone who has any of the following problems:

  1. Struggling to find the motivation to commit to or start a fitness program
  2. Battling with weight loss
  3. Feeling they have less energy or motivation than they did in their 20’s
  4. Concerned that their health and movement capabilities may be on an decline
  5. Regularly suffer from neck back or shoulder problems due to poor posture

Our 5 step program covers, exercise, nutrition, lifestyle choices mind set and beliefs. We provide a lot more than just a fitness program as we believe that to truly achieve optimal health you must achieve balance in all of the above.

Our Team

Paul Murphy

Paul Murphy

Director / Personal Trainer

B.Sc in Exercise and Health

Industry Based Qualification:
Reps Level 4 Instructor

I have worked and studied in the fitness industry for 15 years, covering a wide range of roles (Personal Trainer, Gym Manager, Cardiac Rehabilitation Instructor & Master Trainer). This experience led met to develop The Get Results Customised Fitness Program.

Through our programs we aim to empower and educate our members to lead a healthier well balanced lifestyle. I am very passionate about supporting others to improve their health and well being as I believe optimal health is the number one most important thing in life. Without it we cannot enjoy our families, careers or wealth. I genuinely want to change the experience many people have had with dieting and exercising. Many people start out on diets or join fitness clubs only to receive very poor advice and service causing them to get little to no results or only achieve short term success. We aim to address this issue by committing fully to each and every one of our member’s needs and ensuring we do everything we possibly can to help them achieve their optimal health and body shape.

Education within the fitness industry is also central to my philosophy: only by ensuring a high caliber of fitness professionals working in Scotland can we improve the fitness and attitudes towards health of people living in Scotland I am the master trainer for Anytime Leisure and Quantum HFE Training delivering a wide range of courses (kettle bell, weight management, functional fitness workshops etc)

My fitness background comes from playing football, then venturing into Olympic triathlon distance races and marathons. I now like to take a holistic approach to fitness aiming to be efficient in movement and thriving in health.

Neil Campbell

Neil Campbell

Personal Trainer

M.A Social Science, HND Health
Fitness & Exercise

Industry based qualifications:
REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer
Spinning Star 1 Instructor
Level 2 Kettlebells

My previous career in restaurant management had taught me that I enjoyed interacting with all types of people. I took the plunge of returning to full time education in 2014 to become a Personal Trainer, in order to combine that enjoyment with my own passion for health and fitness. I definitely made the right decision – fast forward to today and I couldn’t be happier!

When it comes to my own training, my heart truly lies in road biking. Be it the early morning commute, an epic day long ride in the summer, or instructing a spin class – my time on the bike is the exercise I love best. However, in the last two years I have also become a very keen runner. Flexibility and strength is essential in such pursuits, and my time in the gym reflects this. The teaching and learning of effective movement of the human body drives my time in the gym, both with myself and my clients. So I guess it’s fair to say I am passionate about all forms of training!

The gym is a tool – a space for everyone regardless of their ability or experience. It is a space where people come to maximise their potential and expand capabilities. This could be in order to become a faster runner, better at the game of squash, or simply better at the game of life. When you train with me, the session is devoted to you. We are all unique. If you feel their are any barriers to your training – then we will work together to overcome them. Excel at one form of training? – I’ll help you get even better at it. Not so good at something else – I’ll help you get better at that too!

Jim Mulheron

Jim Mulheron

Personal Trainer

BSc in Electrical Engineering

Industry Based Qualification:
REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer
CIMPSA Practitioner
Level 2 Kettle Bell Instructor
Spinning® Instructor

After 9 years in the Leisure and Hospitality business, I realised my job, and consequently my life had become stagnant. I needed a change. Not just a ‘job’ but something that would challenge myself.

Having a passion for sports, all seasons, with my ideal getaway being a day hillwalking up a Munro or a bikepacking trip round Scotland. Having developed intricate social skills during my previous employment, turning to a career within the Fitness industry was both instinctual and logical. Being able to combine your passion with your employment is a very rare.

I believe training a client is not just about fitness, it is about training the person as a whole; diet, sleep, exercise, a healthy routine, this is all important to enhancing positive mental health and general wellbeing.

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